Tribute to Lyn Lusi on the Floor of the US Senate

On Tuesday, March 20th, Senator Dick Durbin paid tribute to Lyn Lusi on the floor of the US Senate. Below is an excerpt from that speech. To watch the full speech given in the US Senate, click here.

“We just got word this morning that Lyn passed away from cancer. I wished to come to the floor and remember her and the great work she has done, which I am sure will be carried on by Jo her husband and all those who have been inspired by our visit.

To think that this woman would go to one of the poorest places on Earth and dedicate her life to help others should inspire every single one of us.

Lyn Lusi was like a mother to 400 employees of Heal Africa and to thousands and thousands of women, children, and even men, for whom Heal Africa was their only source of quality, professional medical care.

Her death this weekend due to cancer is a terrible loss for Goma, it is a terrible loss for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and for Africa, and it is a terrible loss for every single one of us.

We need to make certain that what she gave her life to does not end but continues. We have to make certain her heroic efforts continue through her husband Jo and through all who have participated in making sure this lonely, tragic corner of the world is never forgotten.

I come to the floor to salute Lyn Lusi, her memory, her legacy, and her inspiration.”