Supplies Reach Displaced Persons Camp

On Tuesday, August 14, HEAL Africa staff were able to deliver the first gift of medicines to the displaced refugees in Kanyaruchinya camp. Medical supplies including vaccines, pills, and syringes were delivered to the health center at Munigi. Since July 2012 this health center has served many patients who have fled the battles between the rebel forces of  M23 and the government troops in the Rutshuru territory in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.Denise Karambika, medical supervisor at HEAL Africa, says, “With these medicines, the displaced people of the Kanyaruchina camp will now have access to free primary health care.”The camp of Kanyaruchinya, situated about 12 kilometers north of the city of Goma, shelters about 300,000 people, who are exposed to numerous health problems.  In spite of the presence of some humanitarian aid groups in the camp, there have been cases of cholera identified, resulting in three deaths within several days.  One of the officers of the health center of Kanyaruchinya, which is just at the entry to the camp, indicated to the HEAL Africa team that before the war, his health center saw between 8 to 12 patients daily, but now is seeing between 80 and 100 daily.In addition to the medical assistance, HEAL Africa will distribute temporary shelters to 100 households who are still sleeping exposed to the elements in the camp of Kanyaruchinya.Thank you to our supporters for partnering with HEAL Africa getting these critical supplies to the families in Kanyaruchinya camp. If you would like to contribute to this ongoing effort, click here to give.