HEAL Africa Pre-Election Study Reveals that People in North Kivu, DR Congo are Demanding their Rights

The study “Les attentes des populations du Nord Kivu aux élections de 2011” (Expectations of People of North Kivu Regarding the Elections 2011), unveils that after years of suffering and neglect, Congolese people are standing up and demanding their rights.

Goma, Nov. 17, 2011– Regardless of the elections and changes in leadership, very little has changed for Congolese families. Just days before people are set to vote in November 28 parliamentary and presidential elections, Congolese in the eastern province of North Kivu express their disappointment with past elections. HEAL Africa’s Media Department conducted a study “Les attentes des populations du Nord Kivu aux élections de 2011” (Expectations of people in North Kivu regarding the elections 2011), which details the people of North Kivu’s dissatisfaction for the way things are, and their demand for their rights, after years of suffering and neglect.

A young man from the village of Kayna says: “Politicians have disappointed us, they did not act in our favor.” Although many people in North Kivu agree with him, they are advocating that after the November 28 elections, the government should begin the business of doing its job: building roads, schools, hospitals, and paying the salaries of government employees, the police and military.

HEAL Africa works with individuals and communities to embrace their rights, and works toward creating increased respect for the law, justice and the dignity of men, women and children within the government and civil society.

The research “Les attentes des populations du Nord Kivu aux élections de 2011”, is available in French at www.healafrica.org and was conducted by Micheline Mwendike. There is no English version available at this time.

Click here for the complete study (PDF in french only).