In 2006 a documentary film crew came to HEAL Africa and filmed the story of one woman, Lumo, who had fistula as the result of her rape. On her uncertain road to recovery, Lumo shows that the solidarity of women can bind the most irreparable of wounds. The documentary became a PBS Point of View (POV) feature and has won multiple awards.

HEAL Africa has found one of the most effective means of spreading the word about what is happening with women in Congo is YOU. Volunteers and interested individuals from across the globe have gotten their friends, family, neighbors, churches, schools and community groups involved. We all have circles of influence – consider getting yours involved by introducing them to the story of Congo and HEAL Africa through this film.

We know you might not feel like and expert in these issues, so to help you in your effort to engage those around you, below are some tools:

Download the Step-by-Step guide to organizing an event: POV Step-by-Step Guide (PDF)

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