Love at HEAL Africa

Well, it’s that time of year…Valentine’s Day! 


It might be difficult for some of our friends outside of Congo, to imagine such a holiday celebrated in our country. But it’s true. The love holiday is celebrated by families, friends, and lovers, too! Many will go to restaurants or a fun day out. Black, red and pink colors dominate the day.


So in honor of this holiday, we would like to introduce you to two couples who met while working at HEAL Africa.




This is Bayo and Jeannette. Bayo works in the cleaning/maintenance department. Jeannette assists women who are healing, with cooking and serving food. Bayo and Jeannette met at HEAL Africa and married on November 26, 2017, at HEAL’s tabernacle.


Okay, here’s another one of them because the cuteness was irresistible.




When your work is your life, the chances of meeting your spouse in the workplace is high. Husband, Grace and wife, Mamy met at #healafricahospital. They are both nurses.


Mamy & Grace-2