International Day of Women March in Goma, DR Congo

“Listen to women for a more democratic future in Congo!” With this slogan, female staff of HEAL Africa took part today in the International Day of Women march in the town of Goma in the east of DR Congo. HEAL Africa’s employees donated fabric for traditional clothes to female patients in the hospital. The traditional fabrics, named “pagne” in French, are required in order to take part in the march of women in Goma.

More than 500 women from non-governmental organizations and state-run institutions gathered to demand their rights. This year’s slogan for the International Day of Women in Congo is: “Support women in rural areas to guarantee peace, modern development and the reduction of poverty,”

HEAL Africa is present in more than 140 villages in the province of North Kivu to encourage women to stand up for their rights. HEAL Africa provides training in literacy, running a small business and more, that allows them to take more control over their own lives.

Getting ready to march

Preparing to march

Preparing for the march