HEAL Africa's Staff Remains in Goma, Committed to Serving Congo

This morning we received an update from Dr. Lussy at HEAL Africa in Goma:

‘It was calm in Goma last night, so we slept.  Until this morning we have received  49 seriously wounded that we are taking care of.  We ran out of fuel during the night and the generator stopped.  We have gotten a bit of fuel for today.  I just talked with Dr. Jo in Kigali.

We really appreciate the efforts that Margaret Salmon made, and an MSF (doctors without borders) team is here to assess our need for medicines and will try to help us.  Thank you very much.

Our emergency team has already gone to do an assessment of the needs in Mugunga and to try to identify where the displaced from this latest war are. We will let you know when the team returns from the Mugunga area.’

HEAL Africa’s Congolese surgeons, doctors, nurses and hospital staff remain in Goma, committed to helping their neighbors and communities during this time of unrest. Who better to understand the conflict at this time than those serving the population? We must support their strength, courage and commitment to healing those caught in the crossfires of these armies.


HEAL Africa Congo urgently needs your supplemental financial support for shelter, food, water, support for those who have been wounded, raped or are sick as a result of the war. Whether it’s $5, $50 or $500, everybit makes a difference in emergency situations like this one. Click here to give.  Donate to the General Fund and include “emergency fund” in the memo line.


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