Christmas at HEAL Africa Hospital

Christmas wasn’t calm at the HEAL Africa compound.

HEAL Africa celebrated Christmas at the hospital on December 24. This gave patients (particularly those who have come from far away) the opportunity to celebrate with others–and to be reminded that they are not alone. The day began early morning, with the baptism of seven women and a little boy. After the ceremony, each person received a certificate and Bible from the Spiritual Ministry team, on behalf of HEAL Africa.

Following the morning baptisms, the wedding of John LUZOLO KIZOLA and Neema NYOTA KASONGO was held at the tabernacle. The couple had been together for quite some time, but their marriage was not considered legal in the community, as it had not been formalized under civil law or through a religious ceremony. 

It was also a proud moment for the HEAL Africa community to watch a child preach and offer wisdom. (Thanks to Head Chaplain, Pastor Kasiki’s help and guidance.) We can never underestimate the lessons even a child can teach us. 

The HEAL Africa compound remained lively throughout the rest of the day as children from in the hospital opened a gift, ate, and played. 

Baptism Dec 24



Wedding -Dec24


Dr Jo