Brief Update: Goma, DR Congo

Dear Friends,

I have been in conversations with people in Goma again today (Friday), and they inform me that the situation is calm and stable.  The M23 (rebel army) is still to the north of Goma.  Armed and unidentified bandits stop passengers on the roads, so travel is still curtailed.  The UN tanks protect the perimeters of Goma and UN soldiers patrol the neighborhoods on foot. Life continues for the people of Goma, they go to work as usual, but the burden of the displaced continues to weigh heavily on everyone’s minds and hearts. As does the future. What will it hold? Many are still living outside under the stars, without the most basics: food, water and shelter.

Thank you for your responses, for your donations and for your prayers thus far. Our teams are mobilizing a response. We continue to need your partnership on behalf of the men, women and children of North and South Kivu!  We will keep you updated on what HEAL Africa is able to do through you.

Peace to Congo, Peace to You,

Judy Anderson, Executive Director