Anticipated Hope.

Hello Friends,

We hope your resolutions for the new year is off to a great start!

We truly hope that your first month of 2019 started off much better than ours. Between the growing insecurity leading to the elections, the Ebola crisis, the internet being shut down by the government since December…we had a lot of “extra” things on our plate. However, we did not forget that we have been so fortunate to have the support of friends and partners from around the world. And in the reality of our day-to-day, God’s goodness never ceases to shine. He humbles us, and so does your generosity. 

Our 35-40 children at Tuungane School are no longer crammed in a 12 x 8 room. Women with fistula can now receive treatment with dignity. We anticipate the opening of a new building this year, to serve our greatest need: women and children. Skilled volunteers mobilized and showed up, increasing our capacity and expertise to treat difficult cases. Some of them show up year after year. We operate in a very dark part of the world. But it is through your support that we can anticipate hope. Hope that our reality will be transformed. Hope that there will be relief from suffering. Hope that dignity will be restored.

Thank you for extending mercy and compassion, so that we both may be transformed in our partnership.

Your HEAL Africa Family