A New Health Center, made possible by the AMADE MONDIALE

Today Princess Carolina from Monaco and President of AMADE visited HEAL Africa to launch the construction of a community health center to better serve the needs of women and children.  This morning marks the beginning of construction by laying a stone the first stone. For more on the event.

Prior to her visit, Dr. Neil Wetzig and his wife, Gwen, were invited to attend the AMADE Mondiale meeting in Monaco, where they had the opportunity to advocate for the needs at HEAL Africa Africa Hospital. By the end of the year, plans and a memorandum of understanding for a community health center that would serve the needs of women and children were approved by the AMADE MONDIALE, the foundation started by Princess Carolina’s mother, the late Princess Grace of Monaco.

Princess Carolina also spent time with the kids involved in Capoeira for Peace, a project initiated by the Brazilian Embassy in DRC, as a form of rehabilitation for children.