A Little Girl with a Shy Smile

“My name is Kasoli and I am 9 years old. I come from Kitumbiro, which is near Butembo (in the North of the North Kivu province). I arrived at Heal Africa with my mum on August 5, 2011.”

Kasoli’s mother states,  “It all started when we noticed her forearms was getting swollen. We went to a health centre which is near our home in June to get some treatment for my daughter. However, there was absolutely no improvement. Eventually, that health center decided to arrange for my daughter to be transferred to HEAL Africa Hospital. They said we should see Dr Lusi in Goma. When we still were at the health centre, my daughter’s arm was operated on, and when we got here in Goma, after the doctor’s consultation, we were told it was a case of bone tuberculosis. Kasoli is being treated. Her treatment costs are provided for by HEAL Africa directly, which is a blessing. In the village, I had to pay for the $30 operation fees, and struggled for it. I am now a widow, I would have needed to ask my husband’s family for help, but it is not certain they would have been able to support this.”

Kasoli continues her story: “I used to go to school in my village, I was in my second year of primary school. I used to have 2 siblings but the oldest died, so now I am left with my little brother. While I am here with my mum, my brother is being looked after by my grandma, back in the village. I attend the hospital classroom and have met some friends, but I do not like it here, I miss my family and the village so much. I do not know when I can go back home; but I only wish I would fully and quickly recover, and I am pleased that I am receiving treatment.”