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HIV Prevention

The prevalence of AIDS/HIV is immense in Africa, and eastern DRC is not exempt. HEAL Africa focuses on three categories of children with HIV. Those born with HIV positive mothers, those who are confirmed HIV positive, and those who have been orphaned as a result of neglect by caregivers and / or community upon contracting the disease.

HEAL Africa’s staff offers personal counseling and medical assistance. The outreach staff also conducts community education projects in communities that focus on prevention, support, and reducing the impact of HIV in a child’s life when they are born from infected mothers.

Basic Health & Hygiene

The majority of illnesses can be prevented through basic health and hygiene practices. HEAL Africa’s staff examines current behavior and use dialogue with community members to discuss practices that can prevent basic health issues. For many communities who are organized, leaders through the Nehemiah Initiative, are often trained to educate other community members for effectiveness and efficiency.

The Safe Motherhood program also offers another avenue for public education. While learning about maternal health proper birthing practices, HEAL Africa’s outreach staff maximizes the opportunity by teaching women about continued basic health practices. Within the same community, HEAL Africa also provides similar training for both young men and women with a sex education component.