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HEAL Africa’s work is focused in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and is supported by a number of partner organizations, alliances, and related organizations around the world.

HEAL Africa DRC is a non-governmental agency registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The work in the DRC is governed by the General Assembly (board). The General Assembly is responsible for:

  • Congruence of the vision/mission/values of the organization and its activities
  • Adoption of annual budgets
  • Setting of goals and priorities
  • Oversight of the CEO and senior management

Partner Organizations

Each of these organizations is chartered/registered in its respective country and assists HEAL Africa by increasing the awareness of citizens to the opportunities and challenges facing HEAL Africa, as well as gathering resources (human, financial, appropriate in-kind gifts, technical, and expertise) in order to assist in fulfilling the mission and vision of HEAL Africa.


A registered 501 (c)(3) organization was incorporated in 2006. It provides the avenue through which citizens, corporations, formations, and public institutions in the United States can most expeditiously assist HEAL Africa in the DRC. HEAL Africa USA maintains the website. Its staff members serve as default responders to web inquiries. It acts as a clearing house and facilitator of relationships with HEAL Africa-DRC. The HEAL Africa USA Board provides governance for the work and exercises fiduciary responsibility.

HEAL Africa-Australian Alliance

WorldShare, Sonic Healthcare Ltd., and AusHEAL are Australian-based organisations. These organisations have agreed to form HEAL Africa-Australian Alliance (HAAA) to ensure a coordinated, strategic response to the needs of HEAL Africa located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These organisations have assisted HEAL Africa in such ways as: generating funds, awareness and advocacy; providing funding; sourcing and shipping medical equipment and supplies; and arranging clinical and support teams to work with HEAL Africa.
The aim of HAAA is to foster collaboration among the Parties for the benefit of HEAL Africa through three objectives:

  1. To ensure that any developments of the Alliance are consistent with the vision, mission, values and strategic direction of HEAL Africa;

  2. To collaborate with representatives of HEAL Africa to ensure activities undertaken by the Alliance are coordinated, are key priorities and supported by the HEAL Africa General Assembly (Board); and

  3. To support career development of HEAL Africa staff through facilitation of opportunities within the ambit of the Alliance.


HEAL Africa does not maintain an office in the UK. However HEAL Africa enjoys a relationship with WorldShare. Residents of the UK are invited to visit their website at for information regarding making a donation to HEAL Africa. Donors are reminded to specify which of the HEAL Africa projects you wish to support.