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host a fundraiser

Fundraising and Event Ideas to Get You Started

  • Show “LUMO“, an award winning documentary shot at the HEAL Africa hospital
  • Throw a benefit concert, fashion show, sporting event, or art show
  • Get your school clubs involved in raising awareness for Congo and HEAL Africa
  •  Run, bike, walk, or swim a race for HEAL Africa
  • Set up a raffle for HEAL Africa and get local businesses to donate prizes
  • Host a dinner or dance party for HEAL Africa with a goal to raise a certain amount
  • Have a bake sale for HEAL Africa
  • Get your church or faith community involved
  • Ask local businesses to put out a change jar for HEAL Africa
  • Organize a march or rally to tell people about the conflict in Congo and HEAL Africa


The Logo and Publicity Materials

All promotional materials using Heal Africa's name for both print and electronic must be approved by Heal Africa. All fundraising materials must clearly state that you are fundraising or hosting an event, in support of HEAL Africa so as not to misrepresent HEAL Africa.

Event Insurance

If you are hosting an event at a private location, then there is no need for liability insurance. If you are hosting an event at a public venue, make sure to ask the venue about liability insurance and whether or not your event is covered under their insurance.

Temporary Event Notice

If you are putting on a live music event in a place that is not usually designated for music or if you are organizing a race, make sure you check with the city about a temporary event license.
Thank you for getting involved! More questions about how to put on an event? Email us here.