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HEAL Africa Hospital

The HEAL Africa teaching hospital in Goma, recognized as a tertiary level referral hospital, is one of only three referral hospitals in the DR Congo. The 197 bed hospital provides general surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology (including fistula repair), pediatrics, internal medicine as well as providing a range of Family Medicine care and consultations. The HEAL Africa emergency room treats victims of gunshot wound, vehicular accidents, and workplace injuries. It is the hospital of choice for good care in the region. It serves as the referral center for the most difficult case in the region. In addition, area residents come to the hospital for quality eye care and dentistry. The HEAL Africa laboratory and diagnostic services are continually being upgraded even though they currently rank among the best in eastern DRC. Others in the area often look to HEAL Africa for assistance with tests and procedures.

The hospital staff includes 25 doctors including 10 specialists and 78 nurses plus administrative and support staff. It has earned the support of several international organizations including USAID, IRC, UNICEF, and Engenderhealth, who have all invested in HEAL Africa staff, equipment, and infrastructure.

Outreach Services

In order to support people who live in distant villages and are unable to make the trip to the hospital, HEAL Africa’s Outreach program sends its doctors and nurses to provide care that their local health providers are not equipped to deliver. This service attracts hundreds of people seeking care who never would have had the chance to travel to Goma. During the several weeks that the medical staff spends in each village, they also provide training for the local health professionals. The services range basic public health education on hygiene, AIDS/HIV prevention, club feet, to major fistula operations.

Medical Training

In addition to the medical services provided by its tertiary care hospital in Goma, HEAL Africa supports community-based healthcare by training healthcare professionals and conducting health care research focused on the needs of this region.

HEAL Africa's hospital in Goma is a highly regarded teaching hospital for training healthcare professionals. It offers training in Family Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Radiology, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics. In addition the HEAL Africa hospital offers for training for technicians to use and maintain a variety of instruments and machines that serve the hospital.

HEAL Africa also goes to the rural health centers to train nurses, many of whom have received only basic first aid training. Training is often given in the rural areas to physicians who assist the HEAL Africa physicians in the outreach program.

HEAL Africa helps practicing physicians remain current with medical advances. New treatment and new regimens offer new options for patient treatment. HEAL Africa hosts lectures given by international visiting doctors for the medical community in Goma. Medical teams recruited individually, by churches or institutions from across North America, Europe, and Australia volunteer at HEAL Africa, teaching theory and practice in addition to working with Congolese doctors in the wards.

Research undergirds medical advancement in diagnosis and treatment. HEAL Africa adheres to the principle that all interventions should be closely monitored for their outcomes and effectiveness. In support of this, all residents complete several supervised research projects over the course of their training. Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences hosted by the hospital feature segments of research germane to service in this region. And many of the organization’s staff members also engage in research and publish while practicing their discipline.

This program provides specialized training in Family Medicine. It is especially useful training for those who face the demands of rural primary health care. The curriculum is rigorous. It features instruction and supervised rotations in the following specialty areas: pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, general surgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry, public health and management.

Christian mentoring is an important component of the residency program. Each resident is taught to follow the example of Jesus Christ who treated all without regard to race, tribe, social status, religious affiliation, or gender. Residents are encouraged to provide healing that addresses the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the patient.

HEAL Africa has established the DOCS Teaching Chair in Family Medicine in recognition of its roots with DOCS (Doctors on Call for Service) and as a way to strengthen the program of providing specialized Family Medicine training.

Volunteer instructors from across the world are recruited to teach students and interact with them during short term educational trips to DRC.